Friday, June 19, 2015

"Accidentally Derivative"

Confession: I've been feeling creatively frustrated. Ok, if you know me, that's not any new revelation. However, today's post is something a little bit different. Poetry is not my favorite medium but I literally woke up this morning and wrote this in bed. Well, it wrote itself. I was barely awake. Obviously, these words needed to come out, so I'm sharing them with you.

By Tara M. Erickson

I'm an unwitting member among eccentrics and oddities
Thoughts are free roaming
Cheap commodities
What have I thought that I haven't already read?
What can I say that hasn't already been said?
We've never met but we're on the same page
Decades between us
But we're still the same age

The world is the same, only the people have changed
Existing in cages we label "free-range"
We've made our life goal to seek perennial distractions
But there are consequences; 'equal and opposite' reactions

We've made the world angry
Abused and destroyed
No reverence for life
Accountability devoid

Thoughts are my own, unbridled and free
But when you think them, too
I feel unlike me

Lost in a sea of nameless faces
Taking up space in ordinary places
Just a person
A number, a pawn, a rook
Passing off my ideas as new
Like some crook

But my thoughts are my own
So wild and free
I guess I'll stop overthinking
And just be me

 (©) 2015 Tara Erickson

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